Take 2 by Linda Bolton

Take 2 bookcover

Exerpt: The day of the wedding came quickly. Everything came into place and Alex was looking forward to it being over. Her wedding to Josh had been a simple trip to the Justice of the Peace. This was too stressful. How do families with multiple weddings do it? This was craziness.

Alex and Mattie dressed at the church. Mattie looked beautiful. Her hair was in an up-do, ringlets surrounded her face. Her satin gown fell off her shoulders and fit snugly to her small frame. She was a gorgeous bride.

Alex had on her favorite color, purple. Her dress was a similar style to Mattie’s except tea length. It accentuated her figure she worked so hard to keep. Alex really liked the dress. She was pleased when Mattie picked it out.

The wedding music started and Alex walked down the aisle. Then Mattie came down on her uncle’s arm. The wedding was beautiful. Mattie had her girlfriends attending the cake and refreshment tables in the reception hall so her mom wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Mattie hoped to have a surprise for her mom.

As the couple was announced husband and wife and the wedding party looked out among the guests, Alex thought she saw Derek in the crowd. Knowing that was impossible, she avoided staring and looked back toward Mattie and Nathan. It was then announced for the guests to head to the reception hall while the wedding party took a few photos. Alex watched the guests file out. She noticed the gentleman she saw earlier. He really looked like Derek. She looked back at Mattie who had a very large and sneaky grin on her face.                           “Mattie, is that…?” Alex was sure it couldn’t be Derek.

“I got his number out of your phone and texted him to see if he could make it. Are you pleased?” Mattie had hoped her surprise was a happy one.

Alex looked back at Derek. The photographer was trying to line them up. Derek stood at his pew and waited for the photos to be taken before advancing toward Alex.   Alex tried to focus on the photos but was so amazed to see Derek she kept getting distracted. Once the photographer was finished Alex stepped off the dais.

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Incantation by Linda Bolton


Exerpt: “What have you done?” Leah yelled, her heart skipping a beat as she turned on Tristen after she saw the blood dripping from her youngest son’s arm.

His mother’s frantic scream didn’t faze him as he watched the EMTs compress his brother’s arm. Her tears streamed down her face as she grabbed her purse to follow the ambulance.

“Tristen, you promised I wouldn’t feel a thing!” Thomas, Tristen’s brother, hollered through tears as the ambulance door shut.

“Stay here! We will discuss this when I get back!” She glared down at him as she headed toward the car.

The pool of blood lay at his feet, dripping down the driveway. He still couldn’t fathom what the commotion was about. Hypnotism, yep. Need more practice.


Tristen woke in a cold sweat. It was a dream. He felt something warm at his side and saw the blonde bimbo he had picked up after the show tonight. He threw the covers off and headed to the open balcony.

The night was warm, heat radiating off the sand. The six thousand square foot home sat on the edge of Las Vegas, secluded, just the way he liked it. He looked out past the Olympic size pool, past the tennis courts, and saw some critter scamper across the desert floor. The sun was just coming up in the distance. Pink, yellow and blue streaked the sky as light began to dispel the darkness. He loved sunrise. It chased the nightmares away.

He heard a moan behind him. Blondie rolled over and pulled the covers up. He barely remembered bringing her home. He really needed to stop that. He was seeing fifty approaching and he wanted to have some semblance of a home. He was finally ready to have a special someone, to travel with, to see every night, and he wanted it to be Christina. Time to get his act together. He threw some clothes on and slapped the sleeping beauty on the ass.

“Get up! It’s time to go home!” He hollered a bit louder than he planned.

She shot to a sitting position, breathing deeply, the bedcovers falling to expose her large breasts. Damn, he had good taste!

He tossed her clothes to her.

“Get dressed. You need to go!”

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